Luxury Dog Beds


Hello Amanda, 

I purchased a vintage dog bed in both brown, for my mom, and black, for myself, around August of this year. 

I have been meaning to get you some photos and I am just now getting around to apologies.  The brown bed was purchased for Prissy.  Prissy is a 16 year old Maltese.  In the picture she is trying out her new bed and seems to love it!The black bed was purchased for my little 15 year old Maltese, Angel Lynn, and my 13 year old Toy Fox Terrier, Noah Bentley.  Unfortunately Angel won't sit in the bed long enough for me to take her picture, but her brother will!  Noah loves laying in the bed and if I ever can't find him, I know to look in the bed.

Thank you so much and hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.

Kimberly Colwell