Style Tips for Your Pup

With the busy holiday season swiftly approaching, now is the perfect time to consider the best holiday attire for your pooch. Whether dinner with family, a holiday gathering with friends, a memorable holiday card, or just simply getting into the festive season while out and about on your regular activities, stepping up your pup’s style game this winter season helps set the tone for a spectacular holiday season.

Here are a few festive tips from the stylish team at Poochie of Beverly Hills:

1.      Scarves
Nothing says comfy and cozy like a brightly colored
dog scarf. Poochie’s very own tartan plaid is always a holiday favorite that can help ring in the festive season with style.

2.      Boas
Need a new party look? Our line of fluffy
boa collars, available in red, green, blue, brown and black will make your pooch the belle of the ball.

3.      Bling
Want your dog to shine this winter?
Rhinestone dog cuffs are the purrr-fect accessory to add bling to your pup’s look.

4.      Pom Poms
Furry, fluffy, and fun, with Poochie’s own polka dot pom pom accessory set, your pet with be the talk of the holiday party!

Now that winter is here, the holiday season will be here before you know it. Get into the spirit and decorate your house, yard, and dog to capture the spirit and style of one of the best times of the year!

The Art of the "Pet-icure"

At Poochie of Beverly Hills, we are all about delivering the celebrity lifestyle to your beloved pup and that’s why we are dedicated to the highest quality dog beds, pet furniture, and fun accessories. When it comes to pampering your four-legged friends, no one does it better than we do. One special treat we like to give our pups is a “pet-icure.” Yes, we mean a dog pedicure. Note that this process isn’t for all dogs, but if your pup is patient and willing to let you, here’s how you can shower your pup with love, affection, and a special foot treatment:


          Doggie nail clippers

          Wash cloth

          Small scissors

          Styptic powder

          Antibacterial ointment

          Heavy duty emery board


To start, make sure to sit on the floor with your pup, or somewhere comfortable that enables you to reach your dog’s feet easily. You should eliminate any distractions or stresses from the room including the television, radio, or other pets. During the process, be sure to praise your pup verbally and with treats so that it comes to be an experience they enjoy!

First you want to start by cleaning your dog’s feet with a clean washcloth. Examine their paws for any cracks, blisters, or foreign objects then using a small comb, work out any tangles. Next, using the small scissors, trim away any toe hairs (that is the smaller, fluffier hairs around the nails). Then, simply use your doggie nail clippers to trim the nail part. Be careful not to cut nails too short as this can cause irritation and bleeding.

If you do accidentally cut a nail too short, dab a touch of styptic powder on the area to stop bleeding and then add a dab of antibacterial ointment to promote healing and kill any lingering germs.

Next up, use the heavy duty emery board to file any rough or cracked places on the nails. This is meant to prevent splitting or further cracking of the nails. You want to aim for a slightly rounded claw. To finish off the xperience, end by moisturizing your dog’s paws. This can help address any dry areas and can protect your dog’s precious paw pads.

Poochie of Beverly Hills Announces Quintessential Collection to Luxury Line of Dog Beds

Poochie of Beverly Hills, the Arizona-based popular brand of luxury pet furniture, today announced the debut of a its new Quintessential Collection to its lineup of beautiful dog beds.

“We are thrilled to be debuting this new collection,” said Amanda Collins, Co-Owner of Poochie of Beverly Hills. “Designed for the traditional pet owner interested in fashionable twists, the Quintessential Collection showcases sophisticated options that enable you to keep your home looking smart while providing a great place for your pet to dream.”

Boasting a range of items including a settee, a chaise lounge, a sofette, lounger, and tufted headboards offset by nailheads, this collection captures the best in quality. Built by hand in the USA, Poochie’s products are made to last.

“With this collection, we wanted to capture the essence of contemporary design but also deliver a great-looking place for your pet to lounge,” said Cathy Jackson, Interior Designer and Co-Owner of Poochie of Beverly Hills. “By expanding our offerings, we are accommodating the customer that is after that celebrity feeling without compromising on quality and good design.”

In addition to the Quintessential Collection, Poochie also offers dog beds from its Original, Couture, and Savvy line as well as ready to ship accessories like dog scarves, rhinestone dog cuffs, boa pet collars and more.

Best Classic Books About Dogsk

There’s nothing like snuggling into bed at the end of a long day with your pup by your side except snuggling into bed at the end of a long day with your pup by your side to read a book about dogs!  A topic well-covered and much loved, there are numerous books that explore the intricate and rewarding experience of sharing your life with a furry friend. Here’s a round of of Poochie’s top classic suggestions (warning, several of these books will tug at your heartstrings and make you spoil your pup even more!):

       The Call of the Wild by Jack London
Perhaps one of the best dog books ever written, this story follows a young protagonist across a whirlwind journey in the Alaskan outback . Full of hard life lessons and explorations on the theme of man versus nature, this is a complex saga that’s perfect for young and old readers alike. 

       Marley & Me by Josh Grogan
Obligatory, must-read book for all dog owners but please, get the tissues!  This autobiographical book follows a journalist and his goofy, yet rewarding relationship with his golden retriever puppy . Filled with moments of frustration (like all puppy owners), hardships, love, and support, this is a deep book that meditates on the gentle nature of the everlasting bond between man and dog.

       Rin Tin Tin  - Susan Orlean
A deeply moving tale about a dog and man in World War I, this story touches on themes like love, honor, bravery, and companionship. A tearjerker and rewarding book that circles around the friendship of two different species intersecting in a complicated world. 

       Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls
This classic book is read in many elementary classrooms still to this day. Written in 1961, this story is authored by an auto-didact turned motivational speaker. This tale follows a young boy and his two hunting dogs on a whirlwind of adventures, life experiences, and of course, heartbreak.


Just the start of a reading list, there are so many different books that capture the essence of the truly special relationship humans share with their pups!

Safeguarding Your Pup's Paws

Late summer temperatures can feel relentless. When heading out and enjoying the hot, sunshine filled days, it’s critical to take proper care of your pup’s paws. Many owners forget that asphalt and concrete can heat up to intense temperatures in direct sunlight and this results in burns or injuries to your dog’s feet. For example, if the air temperature is a breezy 86 degrees, hot asphalt can reach upwards of 135 degrees. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, 125 degrees can cause skin destruction in under one minute of exposure. Here’s how you can protect your pup from getting burned this summer:


       Walk in the Morning or Evening
To avoid the spike in temperature that happens mid-day be mindful of when you walk your pet. First thing in the morning is absolute best as the pavement hasn’t had a chance to heat up from the day and the surface is cool still. In the evening, waiting after the sun goes down is the second best time to walk to avoid hot pavement.

       Keep to Grass
If you must take your pooch out, try to stay to grassy areas for their paws. Steer clear of paved areas to avoid burning and look for routes that have plenty of shade.

       Moisturize Your Pup’s Paws
To prevent cracking, peeling, and cuts, include moisturizing your dog’s feet as part of your daily routine. It sounds silly but this little step can help prevent susceptibility to minor injuries that get worse in the summer.

       Dog Shoes
The best way to prevent injuries when walking your dog in hot weather is to try dog shoes. Most shoes on the market have a rubber sole, much like human shoes, to provide protection from the elements. Note that it may take a while for your dog to get accustomed to putting on shoes for a walk but if your dog can learn to tolerate them, they provide the best protection.

Fun New Dog Tricks

Everybody loves a well-performed dog trick and this summer, as you keep cool inside your house away from the heat of the day, here are a few great new tricks you can work on teaching your pup. Plus, dog tricks offer a way for your dog to win your praise, affection, and attention while providing mental stimulation and furthering basic commands. This summer Poochie of Beverly Hills recommends teaching your furry friend these three new dog tricks:


1.      High Five
Always a crowd pleaser, especially around young children, teaching your pooch how to high five requires them to follow the commands for sit first. Next step is to repeat the command of “high five” while presenting your hand down low for a paw tap. Many dogs will naturally raise their paw to your hand and this behavior can be solidified through a reward like a favorite treat. 

2.      Kiss
Yes, it’s true, dog smooches don’t take much to master as most dogs will lick a person’s face without the need for rewards. To curb this sloppy kissing, and teach your dog to deliver a gentle peck, hold a treat in front of your face and offer your cheek to your pooch. Once he makes contact with his nose, pull back and deliver the treat with praise. This trick is a great bonding method that can further strengthen your relationship with your pup and can help curb excitement around kids.

3.      Army Crawl
This trick is aptly named as teaching your dog to crawl does reflect the image of army training, where individuals crawl on their stomachs using their arms to scoot themselves forward. Start by commanding your dog to lie down and hold a treat between your fingers, offered in front of your dog’s nose. Slowly move the treat backwards and encourage your dog to crawl without raising up. Each time you make progress and your pup does what you want, shower them with praise and treats.


There’s plenty of other tricks you can work on with your pup but these three are great beginner's options. Make the most of the summer and cultivate a rewarding relationship with your pup by mastering these tricks!

Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

As the summer temperatures arrive, it is important to take measures to provide the proper care for your furry, four-legged friends. Long days filled with sunshine can mean great adventures together to the beach, hiking trails, or at the local parks but too much sun and fun can take a toll on your pup’s health. Dogs easily overheat and as a responsible owner, here are a few tips to follow to make sure that your pup enjoys a cool summer while staying hydrated and in good health:

       Essential Freshwater
A good habit to get into is to pack a portable bowl and water whenever you leave the house. This can help combat dehydration throughout the course of time you spend away from home, on the go, and enables you to enjoy the long summer days.

       Inside Cars
We’ve all heard the tragic news stories and yet people still think it’s okay to leave their dog inside a parked car while running into a store for a moment to grab a last minute item. It is never okay to do this. Even on a 75-degree day, a dog can easily overheat. Plan ahead or drop your dog off at home if you need to make a pit stop.

       Hot Asphalt
Another thing to watch out for are the sensitive paws of your pup. As summer temperatures soar, so too does the asphalt temperature beneath the soles of your shoes. If possible, keep your dog on grass or else consider purchasing a pair of pet booties to directly combat this issue.

       Avoid Over Exercising
Dogs don’t necessarily know their limits and will continue to play beyond their capacities. If you notice your pup slowing down, panting hard, or having trouble continuing to perform an activity, take a break and change to a more relaxing activity.

Yes, your dog can get sunburned even beneath all that fur. To keep your pup healthy and prevent burns, we recommend coating their fur and skin in a dog-friendly UV protectant sunblock.

Summer is a great time for bonding but it is important to pay attention to your dog's needs as the warmer temperatures can really take it out of your pooch!

The Benefits of Grooming

With the summer months beginning to show their heated hand, it is becoming more and more critical to keep up with your dog’s grooming. Why do it though? Don’t dogs constantly groom themselves? Am I just messing with their natural process of staying clean and healthy? Well, the simple answer is NO! Even though if left to their own devices, a dog will self-groom, it is likely that they will experience unneeded discomfort and potentially life threatening issues that are easily caught and fixed through a regular grooming routine.

The most simple and effective method of regularly grooming your dog is with a brush. Brushing has a myriad of benefits including removing dead hair and skin cells, and distributing the natural oil that each dog emits from their pores across their coat to help protect it from the elements. Imagine the horrible state your head would be in if you never run a comb through it. Well dogs are no different.

Grooming also provides a unique opportunity to bond in a close and physical way with your dog. It can create intimacy and trust between you and a new puppy who might be a little skittish, and it gives you the opportunity to regularly check your pet from skin abnormalities or pests that have latched onto their hide. It’s important start grooming early though so that your dog does not develop a fear or mistrust of a brush. Grooming can begin with a puppy and should be done in a way that helps them feel calm and relaxed during the process. There is nothing worst than trying to brush a dog that wants to be anywhere else but in your lap.

Most importantly, our collection of dog beds and dog accessories look even better on a well groomed pup, which is enough reason in and of itself to get in the routine.  Go out and get a high quality dog brush and add a weekly grooming session to your schedule and we promise, you and your puppy will love it.

Bonding Time: Making the Most of Moments with Your Pooch

Dog ownership comes with many perks. From taking a long walk with your furry at the end of a long day to sharing the couch or bed with your pooch while snuggling up and watching your favorite movie, the unyielding loyalty and support your pup delivers you on the daily is a huge reward. But did you know that you can help reciprocate and nurture your relationship with your pup?  By diving into these exciting activities that encourage bonding, you can help both you and your four-legged friend live a happier and more fulfilled life together!

Just like humans, dogs crave contact as a means of connection. Setting time aside to give your pooch a massage can help enhance your bond. This process can boost the anti-stress hormone oxytocin and reduce the stress hormone cortisol so your pup feels their best.

Including activities outside the normal routine is a great way to keep life exciting. Consider hiking, running, playing Frisbee, or catch, taking a trip to a nearby beach or body of water or somewhere completely new as ways to illicit new experiences for you to share together.

Professionally guided dog training sessions are an excellent way to spend time together while boosting “good” dog skills. By reinforcing the pack mentality and identifying the leader as yourself, this can help deepen the devotion of your dog while delivering nurturing time and attention. Not to mention a better trained dog!

It’s no secret that dogs love treats! To boost your regular gift giving routine, consider going the extra mile and making a dog-friendly recipe for cakes or cookies for special occasions like birthdays or dog appreciation day. There are numerous recipes available on the Internet. In fact, here’s a link to one of our favorite cakes.

A well-groomed dog feels and looks well cared for. Whether you take your pup in to a professional groomer or you are a DIYer, regularly bathing your dog’s fur will help them shed less. Plus the attention details like nail trimming and teeth brushing are additional ways to show your pup a bit of love and care in return for all of the attention they give you.

Calming Your Anxious Dog Efficiently and Effectively

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from anxiety and fear disorders. In fact, anxiety in dogs can manifest in both emotional and physical reactions. Several of the most common dog anxiety issues include:

·        Noise Anxiety – Fear and anxiety that stems from loud noises such as thunderstorms, garbage trucks, construction equipment, or fireworks.

·        Separation Anxiety – Anxiety that is initiated by the separation of dog and owner.

·         Travel Anxiety – Most often showcased when dogs have a fear of the car.
Travel anxiety can be part of the reason why your dog can get carsick.

·        Small Space Anxiety – Although historically den animals, dogs with this form of anxiety can feel trapped or confined in small spaces if an escape route is not available.


Dog anxiety, such as the categories listed above, can result in negative or undesirable behaviors such as non-stop barking, property destruction, lack of bowel movement control, pacing, and even aggression towards other people, dogs, and animals.

How To Calm Your Dog

There are several different approaches to help calm an anxious dog without medication. Poochie of Beverly Hills recommends trying out the following soothing methods:

Exercise – One of the best natural remedies, exercise can help ease anxiety by allowing your dog to run it out. With exercise comes a boost in endorphin production that can elevate your pup’s mood and help keep negative behavior at bay.

Herbs – Chamomile is an excellent herb for anxiety that can help ease stress and reduce your dog’s excitability level. Plus, it can also act as an anti-inflammatory and gas-reliever to enable your dog to feel their best.

Pressure – With a growing trend in tight fitting coats designed to deliver reassuring pressure, acupressure is another way to capture similar benefits. Over an extended period of time, acupressure treatments can produce a calmer dog.

If you have a nervous nelly on your hands, talk to your veterinarian about these different approaches to help calm your anxious pooch.

Human Foods That Are Toxic For Dogs

Since it’s the New Year and all around you people are on a health-conscious kick, it’s a great time to remember that many human foods are actually bad for your dog’s health too. To ensure a happy and healthy pooch, there are a few things you should know about what human foods to avoid sharing with your furry friend. Before considering a little reward from your table to your pup, read this list of items that your dog should never eat:

  • Avocado: We agree that guacamole is absolutely delicious but unfortunately for dogs, avocados contain Persin which can cause allergic reactions when eaten in large amounts.

  • Caffeine: Although cute to imagine your dog with a cappuccino, caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee can cause caffeine poisoning. Symptoms include heart palpitations, muscle tremors, restlessness and bleeding. Watch your cups around your pups! Also be on the lookout for chocolate as well.

  • Alcohol: It should go without saying but alcohol is a definite no for your dog. Even a small amount can wreck havoc on your dog’s liver and brain while causing issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, and even death. This doesn’t mean that your dog can’t still be the sober life of your party!

  • Fat Trimmings & Bones: Table scraps of fat can cause pancreatitis even when cooked. Bones can cause many other issues and disrupt your pup’s digestive system by creating a blockage or causing stomach lacerations. Remember as much begging as your dog can do, that you have to look out for their health.

  • Salt/Sugar: Two additional categories of human foods that you should avoid sharing with your dog include anything that’s overly salty or sweet. Both excess salt and sugar can be hard on your pet’s body and cause negative reactions including lethargy, seizures, and excessive thirst.

While far from a comprehensive list, talk to your veterinarian for a complete overview on how to feed your dog only the best. If you find that your pup has swallowed something that they shouldn’t, don’t hesitate to call the closest emergency clinic or the Animal Control Poison Control Center for help!

The Best Holiday Treats for Your Poochie

Tis the season! And who doesn’t want to celebrate the magic with their furry friend? This year, make your pup feel extra special for the holidays with these two great dog-friendly recipes!

Dog-Friendly Gingerbread Cookies


  • 3 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 1/2 tbsp ground ginger
  • 3/4 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground cloves
  • 1/2 cup molasses
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup canola oil


·         Preheat your oven to 325° F.

·         Mix flour, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves together. In a separate bowl, combine the molasses, water, and oil.

·         Pour the molasses mix into the flour and stir until well combined.

·         On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough until it’s about 1/2 inch thick.

·         Cut the dough into holiday or dog-related shapes using cookie cutters.

·         Use non-stick cooking spray to lightly cover a baking sheet.

·         Put your cut-out dough on the sheet, spacing cookies about 1/2 inch apart.

·         Let them bake 20 minutes, then cool them on a wire rack and serve!

Dog Nog
(Traditional eggnog isn’t safe for dogs but this is a close treat!)



  • 16 ounces of plain, organic yogurt
  • 1 boiled chicken breast
  • 1/4 cup of green beans
  • 1/4 cup of carrots
  • 1/2 cup sweet potatoes or pumpkin puree
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/2 cups water


·         Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until it’s completely smooth and frothy. Then pour into bowls and serve!

Luxury Pet Accommodations for the Holidays

As the holidays approach you may be hitting the road with your beloved pooch and however you travel, ensuring the comfort of yourself and your furry friend is a top priority. This season, before you head out of town, be sure to do a little research on luxury pet-friendly accommodations for your vacation locations. Before you go, a few excellent considerations to make the most of your home-away-from home stay include:

Know Before You Go
While many luxury and boutique hotels allow pets, it’s best to find out real answers and not to make any assumptions. Several pet-friendly hotels offer special amenities for four-legged guests while others require a pet fee. It’s a good idea to call ahead and find out specific policies before booking your stay.


Proper preparation is key in making a seamless transition from home to the road with your pooch. When staying at a pet-friendly hotel, it’s important to bring along items from home to help your dog feel comfortable. These items may include a familiar toy or blanket, as well as a food and water bowl.

Special Amenities

As the market for luxury and pet-friendly hotels grow, many top-of-the-line hotels offer enjoyable experiences for your pet such as dog walking services, special food treats, leash-free play areas, gift baskets, and even pampering services such as grooming or spa treatments. When talking to your concierge, be sure to inquire about these items.

Good Behavior

Just like taking your dog to the dog park, if you plan on bringing your pooch along with you on your holiday, there are certain behavior guidelines that you should expect to follow. Excessive barking, aggressive behavior, marking, and lack of following voice commands are all behaviors that may be detrimental to a hospitable stay. Additionally, proper vaccinations are required for traveling across state lines.

No longer do you have to leave your pup at home for the holidays. Now, you have options when it comes to traveling in style and living the life of luxury with your best friend.

Picking the Right Pup for You!

With over 160 breeds of dogs recognized by the American Kennel Club and an endless combination of mutts, selecting the right dog for your household can be a big task. There are several key factors to consider in regards to temperament, activity level, lifestyle, affordability, and kid friendliness, just to name a few of the most major categories that you should consider before bringing a new dog home.  Let’s take a closer look at these components to help you make the most rewarding decision on a new furry friend.

When selecting the right pup for you, temperament means that you want to find a dog personality that jives with yours. Outgoing dogs match well with a fast-paced and active families while friendly and approachable pups do great with more shy children and introverts. Consider how your family dynamics work and then look for breeds of dogs that are well suited to the pace of your home.

Activity Level
Just as matching temperament is important, the activity level of different breeds is important to check out beforehand as well. Super active breeds like terriers and border collies need everyday challenges to live happy and healthy lives. In contrast, bulldogs and mastiffs are two breeds known for their love of lounging about. Take a moment and evaluate your day-to-day operations.

Your living situation and how often you travel are two other items to consider. If you live in a small apartment and travel often, you may want to consider a small dog that can easily go with you on an airplane. Large backyard spaces or access to dog parks and trails are great for more energetic breeds.

There’s no doubt about it that adding a dog to your life means you can expect dog-related expenses. Before taking the plunge, be sure to crunch the numbers and be prepared to take on the financial responsibility of providing a loving and caring home.

Much like the other items on this list, finding a dog for you and your family is all about finding the perfect match. If you have children, ensuring that a furry friend blends into your household dynamics is critical.

Celebrity Dog Lovers

Just like us, many celebrities shower their furry friends with love and affection. The companionship a dog provides is an invaluable source of support for the emotionally demanding needs of a celebrity and here’s the proof to show that big-screen actors and actresses are similar to us when it comes to nurturing their relationships with their four-legged friends! Plus, some even take their cause further and support animal charities to ensure that more animals receive the proper treatment they deserve:

Kristen Bell: From large Hollywood roles on the big screen to smaller television series, this petite blonde actress is very vocal about her love for animals. Working with various shelters and fostered pups, Bell is also known for a love of sloths!

Ellen DeGeneres: One of the first female comedians to become a household name, DeGeneres is also an avid animal lover. From caring for her own pets to providing support to holistic pet companies, she even launched a Facebook game in 2012 where players can donate earned currency to different animal groups.

Sarah McLachlan: Founder of the Lilith Fair music festival, McLachlan is most known for several big songs and a commercial for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. To show her support to our furry friends, she has been active with the ASPCA and has raised over $30 million dollars for the cause.

Ryan Reynolds: As one of Hollywood’s superstars, Reynolds is more than just a hunk. He’s a hunk with a heart. Known for his diverse roles and marriage to actress Blake Lively, Reynolds recently adopted Baxter, a retriever mix from a Houston area animal shelter.

Ryan Gosling: Always easy on the eyes, celebrity Ryan Gosling has been known to state that the love of his life is George, his dog. With a Mohawk haircut, his furry pooch follows him from Hollywood shindig to shindig and provides the comfort of home during travel when away from his wife and new baby.

This list is just a few of the people in the limelight who prefer to share their status with their dogs. At Poochie of Beverly Hills, we help any pup step up their style game with our line of luxury dog beds, pet furniture, accessories, and more!

How to Travel With Your Dog

Summer is a great season to travel and get away from the regular hustle and bustle of your life. Instead of leaving your beloved pup at home, it can be an excellent bonding experience and adventure to bring your poochie along. Whether for business or pleasure, here are several tips for how to successfully travel with your dog.

Flying: If you are flying to your destination, there’s a bit more work that goes into the process of preparing your pooch for an airplane ride. Depending upon the size of your dog, there are usually two options available. The first is flying with your dog in the cabin stored safely in an FAA approved pet carrier that simply tucks underneath the chair in front of you. The second is checking your dog in a larger crate that flies in the airplane’s cargo hold. Regardless of which option you take, most often dictated by you pup’s size, when prepping for a flight you’ll need to make sure that your pup is comfortable and safe in whatever carrier you select. You should check for proper ventilation and select something that has a small compartment to keep their leash and other dog accessories in.

Before your travel date arrives, it’s a good practice to call the airline and discuss the matter to ensure you are fully prepared and aware of the rules for your particular plane.  Most likely you will need to pack an updated health certificate verifying your pup’s vaccinations including rabies! You should also pack treats, bones, and snacks, make sure your dog is wearing their tags, and bring along their food and water bowls for your destination. At Poochie of Beverly Hills, we also recommend a few wee-wee pads to line the bottom of your pup’s carrier in case they can’t hold it.

Driving: Driving with your pup is similar to flying but with less stress for your four legged friend. When driving to your destination of choice, be sure to take frequent breaks to let your dog get out, stretch, and relieve themselves to ensure a positive road trip experience for your both. Much the same as flying, don’t forget to pack your dog’s health certificate and make sure they have up-to-date tags on.

Traveling with your pet can be a rewarding experience. Since your pup may not understand what is going on, be sure to help coax your dog along with a patient and calming nature complete with lots of attention and treats!

Water Safety for Pups

July is prime swimming time and it’s important to review proper water safety for your friends, family, and yes, even your pup. Whether a freshwater lake, a chlorinated pool, or the salty ocean at the beach, there are several good guidelines to follow to ensure your furry friends remain safe when around water. Here’s how you can protect your pet this season:

Dogs Need Supervision: The most important takeaway in regards to water safety and your dog is that dogs need supervision when around water. As a responsible pet owner, it is your job to watch and care for your animal and this includes teaching your dogs the proper commands to listen to you on dry land and in water.

Learn Basic First Aid: Just as with kids or adults, knowing basic first aid for how to rescue a drowning or injured dog is important. Talk to your local veterinarian about available classes on how to work with injured dogs to empower your water experiences with knowledge in case disaster strikes.

Teach Your Dog How To Swim: Dogs don’t innately know anything about water safety. Teaching your dog how to swim and ensuring that they do more than struggle upright to stay afloat means that water can become an enjoyable experience and great form of exercise for your pooch. Oftentimes swimming lessons for dogs means obedience training to achieve an off-leash competence. A well-socialized land dog means a safer swimming dog! Although most dogs have some genetic preprogramming that helps them dog paddle, proper swimming techniques from an expert via lessons may be necessary to help orient and train your dog to adopt the right skills to become a strong swimmer.

Don’t Overdo It: Last but not least, as your pup wants to please you it can be very easy for them to become fatigued without knowing their physical limits. Whether swimming far distances, playing fetch, or just jumping and splashing, your pup can easily put himself or herself into the danger zone if you aren’t paying attention. Stay on guard and observe your dog and be sure to not overdo an activity too much!